Monday, January 17, 2011

My tough week ended! *updated*

entry ini telah saya siapkan pada hari sabtu 15/1 yang lepas.. tapi disebabkan internet connection yang amat siput dan jln raya siput sesak krn terlalu byk siput yang siput, maka tertangguh hingga hari ini. sila baca dlm mood hari sabtu  =)

Alhamdulillah.. Finally,  my tough week ended with a happy ending. =)

For your information, last week (10/1-14/1) was a blast for me! With all three subjects’ quizzes and the

CAC Week which was organized by Culture and Arts Club, my club (my club?? Sounds like totally mine! Hehe..)

Alhamdulillah for all the quizzes, I have tried the best and of course gave the best shot. But no result yet from any of them.  Just pray hard although for some people they said ‘just’ a quiz. It is, but still it means a lot for me.

How about with the CAC Week?

Alhamdulillah again, everything was fine. I’d love to share the experience here. Organizing an event or a program is more preferable for me than joining the event. But its still ok with joining and take part in something I really eager for.

So, in organizing a program, the toughest part, for certain people is the budget (of course), or maybe the venue or the smoothness of program. For me, ALL of them!

Even the simplest things such as a tray for prize giving, ‘door waiter’ or who will be the ushers. I don’t think all these simple things are simple. Because every part in a program plays a very very important role to ensure the whole program runs smoothly.

Well, so far I’m not a perfectionist.. yet. Hehe..

Memang aku bimbang akan kelancaran program. Tapi personally, aku rasa, kebimbangan tersebut mestilah diselesai dan diungkai sebelum majlis.  Benar, tiada yang sempurna tapi tidak salah andai kita berusaha ke arah kesempurnaan tersebut.

Expect the unexpected right? Tapi kalau tetap ada juga yang terlepas pandang tu, lumrah kehidupanlah.. manusia memang cuai.

And whatever happens, never show your worrying worried face to people.  Sometimes, it is so annoying. Stay cool and think positively. Plus, never point others for any mistakes.  It could be ours as well, as we don’t remind each other.  Teamwork never works alone. Always in team. Remind and help each other.

Aku tak mahu komen melampau-lampau macam dalam post mortem kan, tapi kepada committees of CAC Week, post mortem nanti tadah lah telinga kalian dengar saya cakap ye.. hehe *evil laugh

-gambar aku, gambar lame... huhu-

One of the main program held in this CAC Week was Battle of Nasyeedians(BON), a nasyeed competition for both sisters and brothers. For sisters, it was held at Mahallah Zainab Jahsy’s badminton court. And for brothers at  Al Malik Faisal Hall together with the closing and prize giving ceremony.

Overall, BON for sisters was good. I did hear some said that the previous was more happening though.

Yeah, it’s true. I admit that with the participation which needed us to make a semi-final round. But it’s ok, everybody did the best. There were 6 groups.  And frankly speaking, all of the vocalists for this year were so brilliant! They all have the voice!

While, BON for brothers was so unexpected! The hall was empty at first when the ceremony just began. But then, when the battle started, it was like the whole brothers of CFS gathered there!  The hall was full and even less space. Suddenly I felt that the hall was not that huge.

7 groups took part. Yeah well, maybe their friends were on the stage so they came to support. That’s what good in them. Very supportive. Even some of them were so sarcastic!

Sementara tunggu markah dikira, Pitok dari kumpulan Inkheart, an indie nasyeed group performed along with another guy from his group, a sound crew of AJL and some of Saljuk, champion of BON 2years ago. Their first song was a spontaneous song which was actually introduced us to the guys on the stage.

Very spontaneous but very stylo!

Lagu kedua pula tentang syarat-syarat seorang lelaki sebelum mencintai seorang perempuan. Seronok lagu ni. Nada dia best. Lirik pun sangat menarik! Terbawa-bawa jugak lah.

And the last song was my most favourite! A song about Palestine. So catchy! Lagu tersebut telah dibawa dalam nada rancak dan ada rap. Aku yang sememangnya suka dengan lagu-lagu jenis macam tu memang lagi enjoy lah! Liriknya menginsafkan sebenarnya. Ada part yang kalau tak silap aku dia sebut anak2 Palestine lahir2, dengar bunyi bom; anak kita….(tak ingat) *tlg smbung siapa yang ingat

Finally, the ceremony came to the end. Although the participants were all great, the champion is still one. So, congratulation to all the winners and the one who did not manage to win, you are not losers it’s just not the right time for you to win and you may be had less practice.

Dengan tamatnya majlis itu, tamat lah minggu yang agak keras buat aku. Minggu depan ada lagi kuiz.

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