Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sekapur Sireh~

Salam pembuka bicara..

Secara rasminya kini, i own a blog.. hehe kinda unbelievable!

I had once thought 'bout having a blog and share anything.. yeah, sometimes strangers could be a good friend right? Even never met or chat before, still they could be the best..
"What do i know bout the blogging world?"
"Seriously, I know nothing bout dis all stuffs!"

But, 1 thing I know for sure is, its releasing right?? Not as a diary literally, but a platform for people to share..  we used to listen the phrase,
>Sharing is Caring< 
So, let us apply this technically and literally as well.
Friends, gaining your supports is the best thing i ever had.. 
and of course, the best proverb to say is 
OK, something bout this blog is, it could be probably all about me and a little knowledge sharing.. As the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) told us, 
"Convey even one sentence"
(ntah btol tidak translation aku ni.. ^^,) 
Banyak sangat sebenarnye yg kita boleh share dgn orang laen.. mungkin sbg pengajaran, nasihat, teladan dan sempadan..

Tidah perlu malu menjadi diri kita yang sekarang, kerana ini adalah anugerah dari Tuhan, CUMA we need to improve a little bit more.. 
no need to change drastically, bcoz we afraid if it will not last longer.. 

ok.. cm da melencong plak..
So finally, I do have my own interpretations and point of views in every little inch of this life.. or we might have the same..
whatever it is, aku hanyalah insan yang ingin berkongsi pengalaman dan ilmu yg tidak seberapa..

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